Empowered decisions to
keep you a step ahead.

Current business intelligence (BI) platforms offer a lot of effective tools, but you’re usually still stuck creating the reports and dashboards. So, instead of fostering donor relationships or inspiring volunteer engagement, way too much time and energy are spent drowning in tedious reports and overwhelming spreadsheets.

Data analytics doesn’t have to be overwhelming. As your Business Intelligence Specialist, Data Bull helps you implement alphaBI, which seamlessly integrates with Blackbaud CRM and many other platforms. From setup only to being your on-call data analyst, we can help you define initial metrics, establish strategic direction, build out reports, and more. You can dial us up or down, as needed, to ensure you get the metrics and reporting you need to optimize your business.

Keep your data clean.

AlphaBI Assistant ensures your CRM and other platforms operate at peak performance by offering comprehensive data cleanup to actively identify inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and redundancies in your datasets. By refining and rectifying these imperfections, your data is more reliable and accurate.

Experience smoother operations, better insights, and improved decision-making with pristine, clutter-free data.

Bring simplicity to
complex projects.

Have complicated projects gathering dust on your to-do list? Feel overwhelmed just thinking about the intricacies of data management, analysis, or visualization? You’re not alone. Many organizations and professionals grapple with the complexity of turning vast amounts of data into actionable insights.

Data Bull is your ultimate partner in navigating the maze of data-driven challenges. Our bespoke services are crafted to simplify, streamline, and solve even the most intricate projects you’ve been putting off.

Our BI experts don't just understand technology; they understand nonprofits. Your designated specialist will work closely with you to ensure your data reflects your mission and goals.

For those intricate, large-scale projects, Data Bull flexes its robust capabilities. Whether you're analyzing multi-year trends, launching an extensive campaign, or integrating new data sources, we've got you covered.

Have a question? Facing an issue? Our premium support ensures swift and efficient resolutions, so you can focus on what you do best.

Whether you need an at-a-glance overview or a deep-dive analysis, our custom dashboards are designed for clarity and actionable insights. Go beyond templated solutions and get analytics that genuinely resonates with your nonprofit's ethos.

We keep you at the cutting edge in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. Regular updates mean you're always accessing the best features and tools in BI.

We regularly update our security protocols and compliance measures, ensuring your data is insightful and protected.

Don’t let complicated projects hold you back any longer. With Data Bull at your side, you can transform daunting data dilemmas into triumphant successes.