Running with The Data Bull Nonprofit Strategist.

Data Bull is for nonprofits seeking to strategically manage and leverage their data to increase impact, fundraising and organizational performance. The Data Bull team are nonprofit data strategists equipped to empower organizations with the tools, insights and technology to transform their data from ineffective to intelligent. That’s what we call “Running with the Bulls!”

“Data Bull’s ability to listen to CINC, as their client, with respect to the objective of the data collection and compilation has been paramount. Our objective was to use data to tell a story and validate certain needs. Data Bull heard that and quickly made suggestions as to what they could offer and how it would be rolled out through us to the communities we serve.”

— Community Impact NC CEO, Erin J. Day

Data Bull Nonprofit Intelligence Solutions

Empower every user on your team to get the answers donors, board members, and senior leadership want. With Nonprofit Intelligence tools, complex queries and confusing reports give way to simple answers and straightforward results.

  • Quick insights – Real-time results in a matter of seconds.
  • Natural language interaction – No technical expertise needed.
  • Effortless data analysis – Advanced AI-driven analytics with an intuitive interface.
  • Seamless integration with CRM platforms – Leverage what you have and get much more.
  • Enhanced decision-making – Unlock the true potential of your data for greater impact.
  • Empowering excellence – Seamlessly navigate grants with Data Bull’s management feature.

Success in action

Partnering with The Data Bull, Recess Games USA transformed their data management processes to increase donations and enhance donor engagement to boost community impact.

Tailor-made for nonprofits
Data privacy & security
Affordable for limited budgets (& unlimited vision)
Cloud-native architecture for data scale
End-to-end encryption & compliance
Leverage the power of AI

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